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Zermatt – Saas Fee


Juli – August


Like every season I am in Zermatt for a few weeks. You just have to tell me where and when to go and I will arrange the rest – tour – alpine huts – conditions – and sometimes even the weather.



  • Matterhorn – Zinalrothorn – Weisshorn
  • Monte Rosa „Spaghettitour“ incl. Dufourspitze
  • Breithorn traverse
  • Dom – Festiridge
  • Rimpfischhorn
  • Täschhorn
  • Weissmies
  • Allalinhorn
  • Nadelridge
  • 4000 m peaks around Saas Fee, incl. Fia Ferrata Jägihorn
  • and many more


Since the tours, duration of the tours and amount of people are very variable, the guide fees are upon request.

Just give me a call, or write me an e-mail to office@treksandtours.at and I will arrange it all.




Matterhorn: mountain guide

Time:    ↑ 4-6 h / ↓ 4 h

Difficulty:  UIAA grade  III (spots), often II, mostly I (also on the descent)

Meeting point: 18:00 at the Hörnli hut, the day before the climb



Description: mountain guide matterhorn

The Matterhorn is not an extremely difficult mountain, but you should be in good shape and well prepared to go to the top.  Beside some rock climbing ability you should be able to move in easy scrambling terrain up and down. And of course acclimatisation is  the key to success. For a good climb up the Matterhorn you should summit some 4000 m peaks around Zermatt before hand. Very important: – spending two nights above 3000 m, climbing minimum one peak over 4000 m and then you spend one night in the valley in Zermatt before you go up to the Hörnli hut is the way to do it.  Because of safety reasons I guide only one guest up the Matterhorn. mountain guide

This itinerary gave me a 100% success rate till now:

1. day   Gandegghütte

2. day   Gandegghütte – Halbe Breithorntraverse – Rif. d’Ayas

3. day   Rif. d’Ayas – Castor – Pollux – Kl. Matterhorn – Zermatt

4. day   ascent  to Hörnlihütte mountain guide Zermatt

5. day   Matterhorn summit day – Zermatt with mountain guide



Spaghettitour: with mountain guide

Time: 3 – 5 days, up to 8 h daily

Difficulty: High alpine tour and traverse on  big glaciers, Dufourspitze up to UIAA grade II – III

Meeting point: 8:00  at the bottom of the  cable car up to the Kl.  Matterhorn


Description: mountain guide Matterhorn

The „Spaghetti Tour“ got it’s name from the huts on the Italian side of the Monte Rosa. Every day for dinner you will be asked the same question – pasta or soup for starters? The Spaghetti Tour is a technically easy tour. You can climb up to 11 summits over 4000 m in height. For experienced climbers the tour can be expanded by climbing the Liskamm traverse and the Dufourspitze, with 4636 m the highest mountain of Switzerland.  On the tour you will stay one night on the highest hut in the Alps – the Capanna Margharita at 4556 m.


One possible itinerary:

1. day   Zermatt – Breithorn – Pollux – Rif d’Ayas

2. day   Rif d’Ayas – Castor – Rif. Sella

3. day   Rif. Sella – Naso – Vincentpyramide – Balmenhorn – Rif. Mantova

4. day   Rif. Mantova – Schwarzenstein – Ludwigshöhe – Parrotspitze – Signalkuppe (Rif. Margharitta)

5. day   Rif. Margharitta – Zumsteinspitze – Monte Rosa Hütte – Zermatt