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Grossglockner Trekking



  • Trekking around the highest mountain of Austria, the Grossglockner 3798 m
  • Crossing old Romain passes like the Kalser Törl
  • The dams of Glockner – Kaprun power station
  • The “Pasterze”, the biggest glacier of the eastern alps


Base: Huts along the tour and one Gasthaus

Date: on demand

Days: 7

Persons: 5 – 7

Tour leader: UIAGM Mountain Guide or Trekking Guide

Equipment: equipment-list-trekking

Experience: you should be able to walk up to 6 hours a day on a single trail (one day 9 h)

Fee: upon request




1. Tag: Fusch – Hirzbachalm – Gleiwitzer Hütte

We start at the small village of Fusch. From here we walk up via the Hirzbachalm to the Gleiwitzer Hütte, where we spend our first night.

Walking time: 4 h, meters to go: ↑ 1350 m


2. Tag: Gleiwitzer Hütte –Kapruner Törl – Rudolflshütte

After the night and breakfast  we go towards the Brandlscharte. From there we start our long descent down to the valley of Kaprun. A bus takes us up to Lake Mooserboden, the upper dam of the power station Glockner – Kaprun. The path continues over the Kapruner Törl to the Tauernmoossee. From there it is a 300 m ascent to the Rudolfshütte.

Walking time: 9 h, meters to go: ↓ 2000 m / ↑ 1350 m

3. Tag: Rudolfshütte – Kalser Tauern – Sudetendeutsche Hütte

In the morning we start walking up to the Kalser Tauern, an old pass which has been used also by the Romain’s. On the other side we descent to the Tauernbrünnl and on the Silesia-Höhenweg we reach the Gradötzsattel. From there it is only a short descent to the Sudentendeutsche Hütte, our goal for today.

Walking time: 7 h, meters to go: ↑ 920 m / ↓ 250 m

4. Tag: Sudetendeutsche Hütte – Kals

This day we start with a short descent via the Stellachkar to the Dürrenfeldscharte and to the Hohen tor. Via the Teplitzerweg we reach the Ganotzeck. From here we walk down to the little mountain village of Kals. The night we spend in a “Gasthaus”.

Walking time: 5 h, meters to go: ↑ 200 m / ↓ 1500 m

5. Tag: Kals – Glorerhütte – Salmhütte

From Kals we walk up to the Glorergarten Alm and to the Peischlachtörl to the Glorer Hütte. Here we stay for lunch before we continue the Wiener- Höhenweg up to the Salmhütte.

Walking time: 6 h, meters to go: ↑ 1400 m / ↓ 150 m

6. Tag: Salmhütte – Franz Josefs Höhe – Glockner Haus

Today we follow the Wiener-Höhenweg to the Stockerscharte. After that we take the path to the “Pasterze”, Austria’s biggest glacier. Via the Franz-Josefs-Höhe we walk to the Glockner Haus

Walking time: 5 h, meters to go: ↑ 150 m / ↓ 650 m

7. Tag: Glockner Haus – Fusch

Ascent from the Glockner Haus to the Pfandlscharte. Over loose rock and boulders we walk down to the Späherbrünnl and towards the beginning of the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, a toll road built after world war II. From there we take a bus back to Fusch, where we started our trekking trip 7 days ago.

Walking time: 6 h, meters to go: ↑ 530 m / ↓ 1500 m